I was 10 years and some months old when heard that our family of four[mom, dad, sissy & me] is going to need room for one more. Well, it was no less than a miracle to all of us that my mother was expecting. Reasons to this were first, I was almost 11 years old. Second, I already had a sister and third and the most important, in the 1990’s, from the place where I come from, an expecting 42-year-old was a BIG HUGE DEAL!
Considering her medical condition, my mom decided not to share it with us, until our terminal exams. So there was always this hush-hush going on between our parents whenever either of us would “intrude” their conversations.

So when I finally got to know, that I am going to have a sibling, a much younger than me one, I was shocked! And somehow dint believe it. “How is this possible?”, my almost 11 years old nerdy mind would think. Nonetheless, it was true and since it was already her seventh month running, I had to make arrangements of the newest member.

So how to prepare a baby's nursery!

So how to prepare a baby’s nursery?

Since my parents had decided not to get the baby’s gender tested, we were simply guessing what is it going to be?I always had wanted a brother, because I already had a sister. So did my sister. Since I never had an experience with playing the elder one [till then I was the youngest in the entire family tree], I and my sister together decided to design the newbie’s room. We were so EXCITED!

So we were looking for the most ideal welcome present for our newest member, but dint know who he was. So we decided to design a room which would be adorable to him. Yes, somewhere I knew it would be HIM, say it my secret wish or an innocent guess.

So at first I thought of how adorable my 1st nursery was. I have vague memories of the same. But imagining wont be a difficult one. Here are a few ideas I could recollect of my fantasy world.

My Perfect Fairy World!

Walls is what a baby sees most of the time- Make sure its worth it

The perfect interior should consist of:

the perfect color
the perfect style
the perfect combination
the perfect furniture
the perfect wall
Pleasure to Stay/ultimate comfort.

Baby furniture has to be comfortable!

So then, when it comes to my baby brother, everything had to be just perfect… So everything in the room is a big decision. Like I said, everything about it had to be unique, and perfect.

To start with, I decided the color schemes to be used. It had to be different, but also should display the love we had for him. So I came across various ideas for the room.

Blue it is, but not the BLUEY Blue, but good blue which everyone would like. Which HE would like. I crawled through various websites to pick the perfect wallpapers [yes I wanted it designer]. So I picked some stickers and wallpapers and got the walls done.

A perfect combination speaks it all!

An all in one furniture solution is an intelligent choice to make!

Next was the FURNITURE. The furniture had to be convenient. So I decided to pick something comfortable, and elegant for him. We needed cradle, bed, almirah, some chairs, and some more to make it the most beautiful room for him.

I had come up with some ideas for all in ones, but wasn’t sure about it. So here was the deal:

A soft cradle was required for carrying him along… Next thing was the bed… His own cozy one where he’d be spending most of his time [after in our arms], a bookshelf [offcourse I’d be telling him bedtime stories].

After all, We don’t grow twice… Do we? 😉

Surprising the little tiger could surprise you back sometimes, with its awesomeness!

Then was decor, which had to be LOTS AND LOTS OF COLORS AND TOYS!

All kinds of toys, soft toys, educational toys, musical toys[since music runs in our blood, I know he’d love that]. And I was right. He loved the arrangement.

So since I kind-of knew its gonna be HIM and not HER, I think for now we all can be quiet about how I had decided to become the best sister ever. HUSH-HUSH for now… Secrets will flow in the coming posts. Keep visiting. 🙂

A.L. 🙂